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Utah Canyon Guides

We offer a variety of guided day hikes to some of the best spots within the Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument. From easy strolls to challenging slot canyons we have fun exploring with an emphasis on learning about the geologic processes that created this amazing landscape and the plant and animal life that dwells here.


You're on vacation when you're in Escalante and we want it to feel that way!  We like to keep our group sizes small, we don't combine  our guests into groups bigger than 6.  This way we can get the most of the solitude that Escalante provides as well as minimizing our impact on the ecosystem.  We are able to accommodate larger groups up to 8 people.


We are flexible with hiking requests, contact us and we can customize a trip to suit your interests and needs. Private trips are available.


On our hiking tours we provide transportation, necessary gear, (helmets for slot canyons, hiking poles for creek hiking, etc.) water and freshly made to order lunches prepared by Escalante Mercantile.

Great views on a guided hiking tour

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For more information or to join us on a hike, send us an email or give us a call at 1-435-826-4967.  We'd love to hear from you!

Guided slot canyon tour in Escalante

Slot Canyon Hikes


$150 full day hike 

Transportation and Lunch included


Escalante abounds with slot canyons of all shapes, sizes, and colors of sandstone.  Some canyons traverse sandstone tinted red from iron, while others are stark white - bleached of their iconic rust color. Still there are other canyons around Escalante that are reminiscent of a candy cane with red and white striping through the walls. Some slot canyons require down climbing, fun squeezes and mindful footwork while others are wider, allowing you to walk through on a flat sandy floor. We spend our days off searching for new areas and canyons to add to our tour offerings. Check out our gallery below for photos of where we go.

***Slot canyons are amazing creations of nature that are carved by the tremendous forces of flood waters and demand our respect.  If weather conditions are unsafe these trips won’t run. We will work with clients in this situation to find a suitable and safe alternative hike.**


For more information or to join us on a hike, contact us>

Guided hiking tours with expansive views

Scenic Hikes

$150 full day hike 

Transportation and Lunch included


Walking across an expanse of sandstone, commonly called slickrock, can make you feel as if you landed on Mars!  The immense expanse of rock found in this area is mostly Navajo sandstone.  This sedimentary rock formed over 280 million years ago when Utah was closer to the equator and a giant sea of sand dunes dominated the landscape. While walking over and among these ancient dunes, we’ll see fantastic geologic features like cross-bedding, moqui marbles, faults and depending on the route, traces of ancient life from track sites and fossils to the rock art and tools of ancient cultures. Historic wagon routes cross this country, leaving grooves in the slickrock and faint trails that beg to be followed.


For more information or to join us on a hike, contact us>

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