We offer packrafts to rent for running the Escalante River and summer fun on Boulder Mountain lakes.  Rentals can be for a day or as many days as you want!


Running the Escalante is a trip of a lifetime, but it is not doable all year.  It is a remote, backcountry trip and is not for inexperienced boaters, please do your research and get the skills needed before attempting this trip.  For more information contact the Glen Canyon backcountry rangers at the Escalante Interagency Visitor Center at (435) 826-5499.  We are also happy to answer questions regarding the trip, however we cannot plan your trip for you, please do your research first and we are happy to help with specifics. 

We are proud to offer Alpacka packrafts; lightweight, packable and super durable boats handmade in Mancos, CO.  We carry two raft sizes, the mid-sized, Yukon Yak, and the larger Denali Llama.  Each raft comes with the Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Hybrid Paddle, an all purpose 4-piece pack rafting paddle that's lightweight, high quality, and Made in the USA.  Rentals also include a lightweight inflation bag and a patch kit.  Astral PFD's are included in the larger rental package. 

Raft Specifications​:

  • Yukon Yak: 5 lb 12 oz (with seat attached); outer length 92 in; inner length 47 in; roll down size 8 inch diameter by 24 inch length

  • Denali Llama: 6 lb (with seat attached); outer length 96 in; inner length 51 in; roll down size 8 inch diameter by 24 inch length 

  • Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Hybrid Paddle (31.8 oz)

Rental Rates


1-2 days                

3-6 days            

7+ days


$40 per day          

$35 per day          

$30 per day


$46 per day         

$40 per day      

$34 per day

Give us a call (435-826-4967) or drop us an email for more information or to book a raft!